Lillian graduated from preschool!  It was actually on her birthday, so she had a pretty special day.


It was adorable watching all of them.  They walked in the room to their chairs.


Then they called each child’s name for them to get their diplomas.  They even had them walk across the bridge.

Here is a video of Lillian getting her diploma.


Here are some pics of Lillian and Kiran.  She adores him…if you can’t tell.  Congrats Lillian!  I can’t believe she will be in Kindergarten soon.


Lillian turned 5 at the beginning of June.  Since it was during the week we celebrated a little after school.  Actually, I guess we celebrated in the morning as well.  When she woke up we let her open up her gifts.  I think I was more excited for her to open them than she was.  We got her a sewing machine and a beginner’s book for sewing.


I was actually able to make her a cake during the day even though Owen wasn’t very old.  When she got home from school we video chatted with Grandpa and Grandma so that they could watch her open their gift.  She got a hand sewing kit!  After dinner we enjoyed the cake.


So that Owen can see what is going on around him a little easier than when he is laying flat on the floor, we like to put him on the boppy for support.  He will just sit there and look around observing everything that we are doing.


He’s a pretty content baby overall, kind of like his sister.  I think that he might be a little easier to get to sleep than Lillian was, but she was a better sleeper once asleep…well, I shouldn’t say better, she just slept longer at night at the same age.


At one week old, we took Owen to the zoo for the first time.  We weren’t there long, but it was nice to get out of the house. 


It was on a Friday so we thought that the zoo wouldn’t be too crazy…


boy, were we wrong!  There were a lot of field trips so there were kids everywhere.


Owen, like some of the animals, easily slept through a lot of it.


We actually started in the primate area which we usually skip, then headed in the direction to see the giraffes.


Since we can’t go to the zoo without seeing the giraffes.  Along the way Mark took some close-up pictures of a peacock.  Isn’t the blue amazing?


The zoo now has four giraffes.  This was the first time that we have seen a giraffe eating anything other than what the zookeepers feed them.


Since the elephants are next to the giraffes, we usually watch them for a little while as well.


I’m kind of liking the black and whites.


Mark gave Owen his first bath (sponge since he still had his umbilical cord).  He decided to do it on the bathroom floor so that Lillian could help and/or watch.


Owen wasn’t a huge fan, but what can you expect when you get wet but can’t be in the water.  It’s pretty chilly that way even though we had a space heater going to help keep him warm.


I love seeing babies bundled up in towels.  They always look so cute!  The second picture makes my heart melt…my three sweeties.


Lillian asked to hold Owen after his bath, so she got to for a little while.  She does a great job and we have her use the boppy so it’s easier for her and there is less strain on her little arms. 


She loves giving him kisses.  A lot of the time he puts his hands in her way so she struggles to get to his cheeks or head, but she still tries.


Lillian adores Owen and is always kissing him.  One morning we had him laying on a blanket and she kept kissing him so we decided to get some pictures.  I think you can tell how much she likes him in these pictures.


A few of him alone.  I feel like he looks completely different than these pictures.  Maybe he’s just changed that quickly!


Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Jeff, and Aunt Jessie were all still at our house when we came home from the hospital.  We got a great welcome home surprise.  They were all standing outside, plus we had driveway art and a sign on the garage door.  Plus, four of our neighbors were outside so they came over to sneak a peek at Owen.  I know I was a little emotional with all of the thoughtfulness of everyone.


Everyone was able to enjoy some time holding Owen.


I think he’s adored.  I’m sure there will be no lack of spoiling for this little guy.


Big sister still wants to keep him and can’t stop kissing him.


On May 23, 2014 at around 1 in the morning my contractions started.  Around 3 we arrived at the hospital.


Since I was past my due date (May 20) and my contractions were sporadic, I was given the option of going home and waiting to see what happened or getting Pitocin to make my contractions more regular.  I chose Pitocin.


Just like with Lillian’s labor, my contractions were grouping together.  In other words, I was having three or so contractions right after each other without a real break.  Thank goodness for Epidurals.


Except for the fact that as soon as I got the epidural his heart rate dropped (again, just like Lillian’s did).  He liked it when I laid on my right side so that is what I did.  The only problem with that is that I could then feel much less on my right side than on my left.


So they had me turn to my left side to see if we could even things out and his heart rate dropped again, so back to my right side it was.


Shortly after, it was time to push.  He was still fairly high, and his heart rate kept going lower, so they gave us the option of having a c-section or trying the vacuum.  We chose the vacuum since they used it for Lillian as well and we were already comfortable with how it worked and the risks.


Three contractions (three pushes each) and Owen Phillip was born.  He didn’t cry right away so he was rushed over to the Pediatrician, but it wasn’t long before they had everything sucked out and he started crying.  I actually didn’t even realize he wasn’t crying.  Mark told me later, so it was that quick that he started crying.  I do remember questioning why they didn’t let Mark cut the umbilical cord though.


Once they knew everything was ok, they brought him over to me and let Mark cut the rest of the cord.


There is so much that I don’t remember and so much that I noticed this time around but didn’t when I had Lillian.  My labor and delivery was almost exactly the same as it was with Lillian.  Which is amazing to me that it could be so similar.


This little guy wasn’t so little.  He was 8 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long.


It was quite the journey with this little guy from the beginning.  But completely worth it to see this adorable face.


I’m surprised to see these pictures and see him so alert because I remember him sleeping a ton at the hospital.  So much that he struggled to eat.


But with some pestering to keep him awake, he did latch on to eat.


Later that night, Grandpa and Grandma brought Lillian to the hospital to meet her little brother.  She was pretty excited and didn’t want to leave his side.  I was so excited to see her.  This was the first time that we would not be spending the night in the same house.  But luckily she had Grandpa and Grandma to take great care of her.


She had to explain to Grandma how to hold Owen.


Grandpa got to hold him too.


Owen slept a lot while at the hospital, which was nice except it’s really hard to wake up a sleeping baby.  But those first few days it’s needed.


On Saturday, Uncle Jeff came to meet Owen.


As well as Aunt Jessie.


Here he is cuddled up with mommy.  It’s amazing how swollen he is from delivery (and I’m guessing from the epidural as well).


More pictures of mommy and Owen.  Did you notice that his hair is red?


Yes, every once in a while daddy was able to hold him.  Owen got his first bottle right before we left the hospital.  He was too sleepy from his circumcision to latch on so I pumped and Mark gave him a bottle.  Poor little guy!  Good thing he won’t remember it.


Here is mommy and Owen right before we were released from the hospital.  What a great feeling to be able to go home with our baby boy.


We are only missing Lillian to make these family photos.  But we were able to see her soon enough…once we got home.


Two days before my due date we decided to have a picnic lunch at Ridge Run.  Last minute we called Lillian’s friend Kiran to see if his family wanted to meet up with us.  Kiran and his mom Faith were able to meet us, so the five of us had a picnic lunch and then went for a short hike.  At this point I wanted to do anything to see if it would help get labor started.


The kids loved the hike.  They were much faster than we were (since I was wobbling and swollen) and of course had to carry sticks around.  You never know what a stick might turn into.


Every time we hike at Ridge Run we see a lot of turtles on branches in the water.  This time we saw some guy in a small boat (the lake is tiny) and it looked like he was trying to get a larger turtle out of the water.  It was really strange.


Lillian just adores Kiran.  She is always wanting to hug him.  They play really well together which is nice.


Lillian in her big sister shirt.


On Mother’s Day we decided to go to Regner Park so that Lillian could play and we could enjoy the outdoors a little bit.  I was pretty swollen by that point so it was hard to walk very far, but going to the park was perfect.  Each time we go to the park Lillian is getting braver with what she will try. 


Mark helped Lillian with the things that were a little difficult, and I pretty much sat on the bench the whole time.  Kind of sad that I couldn’t do too much with her especially since it was Mother’s Day, but at least she was with daddy and having fun and I got to take some pictures for a change.  I have to admit…I’m pretty proud of this one of Mark and Lillian.


Here we are walking to the next play area.  Kind of cute how we are about in the same pose in the first picture.


Here is Lillian swinging some more.  I think that is now her favorite activity at the park.


We decided to get some fun pictures of Lillian and I before the baby was born.  These were taken about 2 weeks before my due date, so you can imagine how much bigger I got.  Lillian got a kick out of the fact that I lifted her up above my belly. 


We tried to direct her on what to do, but she decided to just be silly.  Mark still got some cute pictures!


Mommy and Lillian’s hands.  I love holding those little hands.


A few more….